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This sexy brunette is really enjoying her alone time in that hot steamy bath. After having a long day at school, after school cheerleading practice her body is incredibly sore and she thought that a hot bath would really calm her down and relax her body, but it just doesn’t seem to be enough. This sexy brunette seems to think that the only way she will able to fully relax and get tired for bed is to massage her body and finger her pussy until she cums. Watch as this sexy woman works herself up in the bath tub, biting her upper lip, caressing her tiny boobs, pouring the steamy water all over her chest and working her fingers on her pussy under the water. She works herself up taking in deep breaths and letting out little moans of pleasure as she starts to shake from the intensity until she can take it anymore and lets it all go. She slows down her fingers until her pussy is so sensitive that she has to lay back and relax before finding the energy to crawl out of the tub and make her way to the bed for the night where she finds herself doing it all over again.

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